Finde das perfekte (Weihnachts-) Geschenk für deinen Lieblings Hund

Find the perfect (Christmas) gift for your favorite dog


Discover our exclusive gift ideas that will make every dog ​​person's heart beat faster. With us you will find handmade dog accessories that combine elegance and style - ideal for the special team of people and dogs. Our elegantly packaged gifts are more than just presents; they are a tribute to the love of dogs. Every gift is made and packaged with love and care - for unforgettable moments with your four-legged friend.
dog and human
For real dog-human teams in Switzerland
Helvetic Dogs is the brand for those who not only own a dog, but also form a team with it. Our products are created for the adventures you will experience with your dog - whether hiking in the Alps or walking through the city. They are robust, stylish and can withstand everyday challenges.

The gift that gives twice as much joy: Sustainability at Helvetic Dogs
In a world where sustainability is more than just a buzzword but a necessity, Helvetic Dogs stands out as a brand that has this principle deeply embedded. Helvetic Dogs is not just about the gift itself, but about the story and philosophy behind it. It is a statement, a choice for a better world. And that is perhaps the most beautiful gift we can give to our faithful companions and our planet.

- Exclusive handmade accessories -

The perfect gift for every dog-human team:

Would you like to bring joy to someone in your life who has a loyal four-legged friend by their side?
At Helvetic Dogs we have just the thing for you – handmade dog accessories that delight hearts and paws.

For the dog lover: Do you know someone in your family or do you have a friend with a dog? With us you will find the ideal gift that is guaranteed to bring joy.

For neighbors with dogs: A handmade gift for your neighbor's dog strengthens neighborhood relationships in a warm way.

For work colleagues who are dog owners: Surprise your dog-loving colleagues with a handmade gift for their four-legged friend - be it as a Secret Santa or simply as a thank you.

For your dog trainer: Show your appreciation with a special, handmade gift from Helvetic Dogs - a gesture your trainer will surely love.

For your dog sitter: A gift from Helvetic Dogs is a wonderful way to say thank you for someone who regularly looks after your dog.

For your best friend's furry friend: Are not only you best friends, but also your furry friends? You can find the perfect gift that comes from the heart and makes your bestie shine right here with us.

For Grandma's favorite: We offer particularly chic accessories for the spoiled dog who always gets extra treats from Grandma.

For your own, favorite dog: Give your loyal four-legged friend something very special. Something that you will enjoy for a long time and that will definitely get you lots of compliments.

Our gift tips:

I don't know the neck circumference of the dog receiving the gift

The gift that always fits - the retriever leash

Our retriever leashes are very light and a real eye-catcher. They are perfect for all kinds of walks. The braided design offers comfort and visual elegance. The leash is adjustable and can be used as a collar and leash combination. With a practical hand strap and the ability to adjust the length, it offers flexibility and comfort when walking the dog and adapts to any neck circumference.

Our tip: Retriever leash - Merlot, Moon

The noble gift - the premium leash

The Helvetic Dogs Premium leash - for real fat leather lovers and those who want to become one! It is handmade from the finest greased leather and robust PPM ropes - a perfect combination of elegance and functionality.

Our tip: leather leash - Macchiato, Cinnamon, Forest, Nanook

The gift for every dog-human team - the braided leash

This popular leash offers direct control and is ideal for walking on a leash. It is a real eye-catcher and can withstand strong pulls.

Our tip: Braided leash - macchiato, Merlot, Moon, Aqua

The additional gift – dog biscuits from our barkery

Pamper your dog with our limited Fine Bites. But hurry, because they are only available while stocks last!

Our tip: FineBites - Coco Crunch

The gift that makes your dog's eyes shine - gift voucher from Helvetic Dogs

Surprise with a voucher that always fits.

I know exactly the neck circumference of the dog receiving the gift and can measure it again (unobtrusively).

-> To the measuring instructions

The impressive gift - premium collar & leash set

Collar: Our handmade wide adjustable collar made of PPM ropes and high-quality greased leather is made by us especially for the happy furry friend. It is about 4 cm wide, complemented by an elegant 2.5 cm wide and adjustable leather strap, making it particularly suitable for large dogs.

Leash: Our Helvetic Dogs Premium leash is a must for greased leather lovers and those who want to become one. Perfect combination of elegance and functionality and ideal for that luxurious touch.

Our tip: Leash and collar bundle - Macchiatto, Cinnamon, Forest


The essential gift - The Duplex Necklace

Equipped with high-quality EM ceramic pipes and amber, these dog chains offer double tick protection and promote the well-being of every dog.
Our tip: Duplex necklace - Lavender, Maple, Mint, Bluebell

The simple, elegant gift - Helvetic Dogs narrow collar

Handmade from PPM ropes and greased leather, it is approx. 3 cm wide and fits the dog's neck thanks to the size-adjustable leather strap. It is particularly popular with our young and active dogs.

Our tip: Adjustable narrow collar - Macchiato, Branch, Merlot, Nanook


Santa's helper on four paws 🎅🐾: Your gift express from HelveticDogs

Would you like to give a friend a magical gift without having to use a reindeer sleigh yourself?
We at HelveticDogs have something for you: Our exclusive gift delivery service directly to your favorite furry friend under the Christmas tree!
Simply leave a note when ordering or send an email to

What we need from you:

  1. Address of the recipient

  2. E-mail of the recipient

  3. Your personal Christmas greeting

The personal message that we include with the gift can be as long or as short as you wish. Whether a warm Christmas greeting or a creative poem – your imagination knows no bounds with us. We're already looking forward to conjuring up a smile (or a joyful bark) for your loved ones! 🎁✨

"Helvetic Dogs is not just a brand, but a promise - a promise of elegance, quality and the deep connection between people and dogs. With us you won't just find a dog collar or a leash; you will find a piece of craftsmanship, created to to celebrate the unique relationship between humans and dogs."

Our Story – An Emotional Thread
Our story, like many great stories, began with a challenge. It wasn't a classic "Once upon a time", but more of a "Once upon a time barked". During difficult times, we found solace in crafts by creating collars and leashes for our Miro. What started as creative self-therapy in our living room grew into a passion that connected us. Every piece we make carries with it this spirit of resilience, love and dedication.


Your dog is worth it to you

At Helvetic Dogs we understand that every dog ​​is unique. That's why we offer you not just products, but an experience that celebrates the unique bond between you and your four-legged friend.

Give your loyal companion something from Helvetic Dogs this Christmas - because the best choice for your dog is also the best choice for you.

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