Collar measuring instructions

Size measurement made easy: From flop to top with our collar measuring instructions for you and your furry friend!

So that your four-legged friend and you can float on cloud nine with our custom-made collars, the correct size measurement is a must. But don't worry, we have prepared measuring instructions for you!

Grab your tape measure and get your dog lady or boy as a model. You can enjoy the measuring fun together and look forward to a stylish collar upgrade.

So, let’s get to the measuring instructions and let’s find the right size for your perfect collar together.

Variant 1: Measure directly on your fur nose:​

Okay, here comes the moment of truth! Grab your four-legged friend and let him sit in the sitting position. Take a flexible measuring tape to hand, because accuracy is the be-all and end-all. Now measure the neck circumference at the point where the collar will later sit. Don't worry, there's no buffer from us, you'll get the collar exactly in the size you measured.

Variant 2: Measure directly on a collar:

Do you already have a cool collar that fits perfectly? Then this variant is perfect for you! First close the collar in the correct hole and place it on the table in front of you. Take your tape measure and measure the inside circumference of the collar. It is important that the measuring tape fits perfectly on the inside of the collar. Sounds easy, right? If everything went well, nothing will stand in the way of your stylish purchase.

Well, that was a walk in the park!

Everything worked?

Perfect, then nothing stands in the way of shopping fever!

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Measure directly on the dog? Easy peasy!

In order to get the perfect harness for your four-legged friend, we need 4 important measurements. Just look at the photo and note the mass in centimeters. Don't worry, you don't have to juggle a ruler, a flexible tape measure is best.

But be careful! Precision is required for the chest strap (C) and the back strap (A) . The leather straps should not be hidden behind the ribs or sit too tight on the armpits, otherwise it will be uncomfortable for your darling.

Not interested in dog measurement 2.0?

No problem, we have a trick for you!

If your furry friend already has a well-fitting harness, you can simply measure the straps. But be careful, here's the trick: Always measure from the inside along the straps, don't get distracted by the sides of the straps, the inside is the holy grail of the right measurement! With this technique, you'll be ready for the perfect tableware upgrade in no time.

Well, that was a walk through the neighborhood!

Everything worked?

Perfect, then nothing stands in the way of shopping fever!

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