Vom Sofa auf Abenteuerkurs: So wird der Herbst für Hunde unvergesslich

From the sofa on an adventure course: This is how autumn becomes unforgettable for dogs

The autumn is here! The leaves are falling, the temperatures are slowly falling and the days are getting shorter. For us humans this can mean cozy evenings on the sofa, but what about our beloved four-legged friends? When the weather is bad, it can be a challenge to keep your dog sufficiently occupied. But don't worry, we've gathered a wealth of ideas to ensure your furry friend has a fun time. Let’s dive into the world of fall activities for dogs together.

Inside is the new outside

When the rain falls and the wind howls

Fall weather can be unpredictable. Rain, storms and cold temperatures can prevent us from taking long walks outside. But that doesn't mean your dog has to miss out on exercise.

1.1 A game of hide-and-seek within your own four walls

Transform your apartment into a play paradise for your four-legged friend. Hide treats or toys and let your dog look for them. This promotes his mental and physical fitness.

1.2 Indoor obstacle course

Create an obstacle course using everyday objects like chairs and pillows. Let your dog jump over them, crawl through tunnels and slalom run. This promotes coordination and the fun factor.

1.3 Brain games and intelligence toys

There are a variety of brain games and intelligence toys designed specifically for dogs. These challenge your dog's mental fitness and keep him busy for hours.

Excursions despite the rain

The dog loves adventure – even in the rain

Just because the weather is uncomfortable doesn't mean you have to miss out on outdoor activities. If your furry friend isn't afraid of water, there are many ways to keep your dog busy even when it's wet.

2.1 Water fun despite the rain

There are ways to keep your dog busy even when it's wet.

Many dogs love to play in the rain. Take advantage of the puddles and raindrops for a refreshing adventure. However, keep in mind that not every dog ​​is a water lover by nature.

2.2 Paw care

Don't forget to protect your furry friend's paws from wet and cold. So nothing stands in the way of your autumn walk.

Neftenbach dog hall

2.3 Indoor dog parks - a treat for active dogs

In some cities there are real treasures for active four-legged friends - indoor dog parks!

One of them is the “ Neftenbach dog hall ” in the town of the same name in Switzerland.

Here dogs can romp and play to their heart's content, regardless of wind and weather.

The dog hall stands for education, training, sport and fun across a wide range of disciplines. From agility to dog dance, Nadac and obedience to fun sports, companion dogs or Treibball. A great way to give your dog the exercise he needs while meeting other dog lovers.

2.3 Dog cafés - socializing for two- and four-legged friends

Another highlight are dog cafés, such as the “ Dog Café in Rohrschach SG”. Here you can drink coffee or enjoy a snack with your dog in a cozy atmosphere. Your four-legged friend will usually also be pampered with treats. These cafés are not only a great activity for your dog, but also offer a great opportunity to meet up with your dog friends, exchange ideas and make new friends.

2.4 Restaurants that welcome your dog

It's not just cafes and dog parks that are dog-friendly. Some restaurants in Switzerland also warmly welcome four-legged friends. Here are some examples:

  • Chäsalp in Zurich: The Chäsalp is a popular restaurant in Zurich and not only offers a diverse fondue menu, but has also paid special attention to our four-legged companions. They serve special dishes for dogs so that your furry friend can also fully enjoy their trip to Zurich.
  • Tobelhof in Zurich: The Tobelhof in Zurich is a place where dogs are welcome. Here you can not only enjoy a first-class meal, but also ensure that your dog has his own culinary experience.
  • Güggelisternen in Küssnacht: This cozy restaurant offers a warm welcome not only to people, but also to their dogs. They have a special dog menu where you can find delicious and healthy dishes for your furry companion.

These dog-friendly places allow you to enjoy fall activities with your dog, regardless of the weather, that are fun for both you and your furry friend. So you can share unforgettable moments with your faithful companion even on rainy autumn days.

Wet dog smiling in the rain

2.5 Helvetic Dogs - handmade dog accessories for all weather conditions

Regardless of whether you choose outdoor activities in the rain or cozy indoor activities, the sustainably produced products from Helvetic Dogs are the perfect companion for your dog. Rain doesn't bother them at all, no matter how strong it may be. The collars and accessories are made by hand from high-quality, water-repellent materials.

After a long walk in the rain, you can simply remove the collar and put it in a dry place to dry. This means it is not only durable but also comfortable to wear. Helvetic Dogs products are not only functional but also stylishly designed to give your dog a modern look.

This way you can enjoy autumn moments together that you both will never forget, even if it is stormy and raining outside.


Health and wellness

Care and relaxation for your dog

Fall is also a time when it's important to pay attention to your dog's health and well-being.

4.1 Vet visits and vaccinations

Use the fall season to ensure your dog receives all necessary vet visits and vaccinations. The health of your four-legged friend comes first.

4.2 Indoor training and obedience exercises

Use the time indoors to reinforce your dog's training and obedience exercises. Not only is this mentally challenging, but it also strengthens your relationship.

In autumn, Switzerland offers a wealth of opportunities to keep your dog busy even in uncomfortable weather and to experience adventures together, regardless of whether your four-legged friend cares about the wet and cold or not. With creative ideas, a little planning and the right accessories, you can provide variety and entertainment even in bad weather. Remember to consider your dog's needs and preferences to find the perfect activity idea. Whether indoors or outdoors, your furry companion will thank you with love and enthusiasm.

Make the most of this autumnal season and enjoy your adventures together in style. Helvetic Dogs will accompany you – rain or shine!

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