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Retriever leash - Moon

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Product description:

Our retriever leashes are very light and are perfect for short walks as well as long walks through the forest or over hill and dale, during which your favorite dog is largely free-running.

Our retriever leashes are handmade by us and are not only extremely practical, but also a real eye-catcher!

Thanks to our braided design, you and your furry friend benefit from the comfort and visual elegance of a beautiful collar and leash combination.

You can adjust it precisely to the circumference of your four-legged friend's neck, giving you a collar and leash in one. Our retriever leash is approx. 2.4cm wide and adjustable in length. You can carry it with a hand strap, which gives you a secure hold, or make the leash shorter so that you don't have to carry around as much rope with you when short.

When running freely, your dog can enjoy his freedom without a collar, while you can still put him back on a leash quickly and easily at any time.

Retriever leash – what length?

A retriever leash should be long enough that, after subtracting the length for the collar, there is still enough space left for relaxed walking on the leash.

The larger the dog's neck, the less of the full length remains. Makes sense, right? That's why you have to specify the approximate neck circumference of your furry friend so that we can determine the correct length for you during production!

How do I adjust my retriever leash correctly?

Before use, the leash must be adjusted individually for your dog!

Measure your dog's neck circumference. A tailor's tape measure is best for measuring. Then adjust the tension limiter so that the loop can be tightened enough to fit like a normal dog collar. It shouldn't be too tight for your furry friend or even choke your pet.

Remember: The dog's neck is very sensitive. There is no point in hurting your dog!


PPM = P P, P olypropylene, M ultifil

  • Light weight
  • Silky shiny surface
  • Non-toxic, safe for humans and animals (OEKO-TEX®)
  • Resistant to mildew and rot
  • Doesn't get dirty quickly
  • Water absorption: 0%
  • Washable material

Our leashes are available with a bolt carabiner as a closure. All of our carabiners are made of die-cast zinc and in the easy-care color “antique brass”.


Due to the lighting conditions during product photography and different screen settings, the color of the product may not be reproduced authentically. Please note that greased leather is a natural product and there may always be variations in thickness, surface or color.

Retriever leash - Moon
Retriever leash - Moon
Retriever leash - Moon
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