Wer steckt hinter Helvetic Dogs?

Who is behind Helvetic Dogs?

"Dog accessories insider tip revealed: Stylish, individual, irresistible!"

Hello! We are Helvetic Dogs.

Your online shop for handmade dog accessories, where even the postman barks with joy when he gets to deliver our packages!

Our story began not with a classic 'Once upon a time', but with a 'Once upon a time barked'. - In life there are sometimes challenges that are difficult to overcome. This is exactly what we experienced at the beginning of our story. We had to learn to deal with a new situation and make the best of difficult times. And that's exactly what we did through crafts. It all started with an inherited sewing box that we used to make collars and leashes for our faithful companion Miro. What began as creative self-therapy in the living room at home soon developed into a project close to my heart.

Our lively fur nose was always there to put our products through their paces. Miro is a true expert who pushed us to adapt and improve to perfect our canine-level products. Now we can proudly claim that our products carry Miro's seal of quality - from a dog with the highest standards!

Soon other dog owners started talking to us about our dog accessories and we knew we didn't want to keep our creations to ourselves - it was time to share them with the world!

In our free time we had a lot of exciting things ahead of us - creating our own online shop with everything that goes with it. From web development to marketing, we have scraped together all our knowledge and experience to make Helvetic Dogs what it is today - more than just an online shop, a brand.

Helvetic Dogs - Where dog love and style meet

and barking for joy is allowed!

We are a young team that aims to bring a breath of fresh air into the dog world and produce individual dog accessories that are not only practical but also stylish. And all of this as a sideline.

So if you look at Helvetic Dogs products and wonder how this all came about, remember - it all started with a little artistic self-therapy, a soul dog and creative people with a big heart for dogs.

We can't wait to accompany your furry friend on his daily adventures in one of our stylish outfits - from walks in the park to epic sniffing expeditions over hill and dale!

Sunny greetings & Woof Woof

Your Helvetic Dogs team

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