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Dog Tag Ribbon - Elastic - Gray

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DANGER: Please tell us the exact neck circumference when checking out!

Product description:

With our branded collar you no longer have to change your dog tag from collar to collar. You can simply attach the tag to the tag ribbon and wear it in addition to the collar or harness.

Our branded collars are very light and do not bother your dog - so Bello and Nala can easily wear the branded collar all day long.

The metal ring to which you attach your dog tag is available in different sizes and is adjusted by us to the size of your furry friend's neck circumference. It is tightly closed and the dog tag is attached with an extra key ring or carabiner (not included).

And is characterized by its timeless, elegant look. Fat leather is a natural and robust material that, with proper care, can last a dog's life.

Please let us know the exact neck circumference of your dog when you order!

We make the collar to the exact neck circumference of your furry friend plus an extra width of 2-5 cm. Here go to the measuring instructions.

The circumference of your four-legged friend's neck is measured directly on your dog's neck with a tape measure. Please measure at the point where the collar will later sit and so that it is neither too loose nor too tight.

Only the strap is included in delivery. The brand band is pulled over the head without fastening.

In our shop you will find other variants of the dog tag band.

Why do you need an extra dog tag collar?

Constantly changing dog tags on different collars is annoying in the long run. We have the perfect solution for this: a thin slip collar just for your dog tags.

You can quickly put the collar on your four-legged friend and use a normal collar for walking. The thin collar doesn't bother your dog and he can enjoy his free time.



Fat leather is a remarkably sustainable material with many positive properties. It is not only insensitive to moisture, but can also withstand the highest loads and is extremely flexible. In addition, it is soft and comfortable to hold, making it a popular material for making high-quality products such as collars and leashes. With its durability and natural feel, greased leather is an eco-friendly choice for eco-conscious consumers who prefer sustainable materials.


Due to the lighting conditions during product photography and different screen settings, the color of the product may not be reproduced authentically. Please note that greased leather is a natural product and there may always be variations in thickness, surface or color.

Dog Tag Ribbon - Elastic - Gray
Dog Tag Ribbon - Elastic - Gray
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