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Dog Harness - Grey/Brown

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- You can find out how to measure correctly below! -

Product description:

The stylish dog harness from Helvetic Dogs made of high-quality greased leather adapts comfortably to the dog's body without pressing or rubbing. The adjustable waist strap ensures an optimal fit. Due to the tensile stress on your fur nose, the greased leather gives a little, which further increases comfort for your dog.

  • Strap width 2.5 cm

  • Partial braiding of the back section

  • Adjustable size on the side with robust brass buckles

  • practical D-rings for attaching the leash or other things

Due to the width of the strap, the harness in the version shown is suitable for large dogs. For harnesses for smaller dogs, the number of braids and the strap width are adjusted to 2cm.

Greased leather harnesses have proven themselves in dog sports and for service dogs for some time. Whether for tracking, mantrailing or training, if you travel a lot with your dog or are looking for a sustainable and elegant solution, the greased leather harness from Helvetic Dogs is always a good choice. Fat leather is a pleasantly soft and yet very robust material; it is extremely tear-resistant and acquires a beautiful patina over time. It can also be exposed to moisture without any problems, provided you regularly care for it with colorless leather grease.

Why does my dog ​​need a dog harness? And when does a dog harness make sense?

Driving a car: With the appropriate attachment to the seat belt, the chest harness is essential, as strapping it to your dog's neck poses a great risk of injury.

Many dog ​​owners rely on a dog harness because harnesses do not put pressure on the larynx and windpipe.

During sporting activities such as jogging or cycling or similar.

A dog harness is healthier for your dog's musculoskeletal system. The muscles and cervical vertebrae of your furry friend are relieved by a dog harness because the pulling force is distributed over the shoulders and the underside of the chest. So with a dog harness you don't put your four-legged friend's cervical vertebrae under unnecessary strain.

Whether for tracking, mantrailing or training, a greased leather harness is always a good choice.



Fat leather is a remarkably sustainable material with many positive properties. It is not only insensitive to moisture, but can also withstand the highest loads and is extremely flexible. In addition, it is soft and comfortable to hold, making it a popular material for making high-quality products such as collars and leashes. With its durability and natural feel, greased leather is an eco-friendly choice for eco-conscious consumers who prefer sustainable materials.


The adjustable collar with greased leather has a belt buckle as a closure, in the easy-care color “antique brass”.


Due to the lighting conditions during product photography and different screen settings, the color of the product may not be reproduced authentically. Please note that greased leather is a natural product and there may always be variations in thickness, surface or color.

Dog Harness - Grey/Brown
Dog Harness - Grey/Brown
Dog Harness - Grey/Brown
Dog Harness - Grey/Brown
Dog Harness - Grey/Brown
Dog Harness - Grey/Brown
Dog Harness - Grey/Brown
Dog Harness - Grey/Brown
Dog Harness - Grey/Brown
Dog Harness - Grey/Brown

Measuring instructions for dishes


In order to get the perfect harness for your four-legged friend, we need 4 important measurements. Just look at the photo and note the mass in centimeters. Don't worry, you don't have to juggle a ruler, a flexible tape measure is best.

But be careful! Precision is required for the chest strap (C) and the back strap (A) . The leather straps should not be hidden behind the ribs or sit too tight on the armpits, otherwise it will be uncomfortable for your darling.

Not interested in dog measurement 2.0?


If your furry friend already has a well-fitting harness, you can simply measure the straps. But be careful, here's the trick: Always measure from the inside along the straps, don't get distracted by the sides of the straps, the inside is the holy grail of the right measurement! With this technique, you'll be ready for the perfect tableware upgrade in no time.

Well, that was a walk through the neighborhood!

Everything worked?

Perfect, then nothing stands in the way of shopping fever!

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