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Necklace - moss agate healing stone

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Product description:

Our popular healing stone necklaces are lovingly handcrafted by us. In addition to colorful and easy-care beads, each necklace contains its own gemstone.

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4 different necklaces with different healing stones, for you personally.

Whether as a beautiful piece of jewelry or to support therapy. A necklace with gemstones is a loyal companion for everyone.

People have been wearing gemstones for centuries, initially as jewelry. However, we have Hildegard von Bingen to thank for using the stones to support therapy.

Support with healing stones is obviously an ancient method that many people always trust.

We don't just get support and energy from living organisms!

The effect of gemstones is of course a bit like natural medicine - a bit of faith is definitely part of it!

Cleaning your healing stone necklace:

It's best to hold your healing stone necklace lightly under cold running water - for about 1-2 minutes - and then dry it in a clean cloth. Avoid using dishwashing liquid! A few hours of sunshine by the window or on the balcony will recharge your healing stone necklace with energy.

Moss agate:

Moss agate is a stone of well-being and new beginnings and has a very healing effect on overall physical and mental health. Moss agate is said to have a powerful effect on the pancreas, stimulating insulin production and balancing blood sugar levels. It should therefore be able to support the relief of diabetes. It has a harmonizing effect on the heart and circulation.


Gemstones are intended for support. They never replace a (veterinary) doctor or (animal) alternative practitioner.
Danger! - The healing stone chain is not intended to be used under a leash. Under special circumstances, strong pull or during wild play between dog lovers, a healing stone necklace can pop open.


Due to the lighting conditions during product photography and different screen settings, the color of the product may not be reproduced authentically. Please note that greased leather is a natural product and there may always be variations in thickness, surface or color.

Necklace - moss agate healing stone
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