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FineBites - Berrylicious (berries and apple) | 100 gram

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Fine Bites - Berrylicious: The berry bomb for nibbling furry friends!

These little nibbles are packed with lovingly selected ingredients that will delight even the most demanding sniffing noses.

What's inside? Only the best for your furry friend!

Our Fine Bites - Berrylicious dog biscuits are the berry-crazy treat your dog has been dreaming of!

What's inside? Raspberries, crunchy apples and juicy strawberries combined in one cookie. Only the finest berries, apples and a few other secret ingredients that provide extra crunchy fun!

Of course, the basic things are also included: buckwheat flour, eggs and coconut oil give the cookies the perfect consistency.

Shelf life / storage of the Fine Bites

Fresh dog biscuits react easily to fluctuations in humidity and temperature, but our Fine Bites should be safe for your furry friend to enjoy for two to three months.

To ensure that your furry friend's Fine Bites last for a long time, we recommend storing them in a dry place and not sealing them airtight.

However, as with any pastry, it's best to enjoy it straight away.


Our fine bites are usually always very dry. Why are we doing this? Quite simply, we want to ensure that our Fine Bites have a longer shelf life than a snowman's career in the summer and only by drying, without the use of additives, a longer shelf life for your Fine Bites is guaranteed.

    Feine selbstgemachte Hunde Goodies von Helvetic Dogs
    Feine selbstgemachte Hunde Goodies von Helvetic Dogs
    Feine selbstgemachte Hunde Goodies von Helvetic Dogs
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